Born August 27, 1958 NYC
Childhood Ontario Canada 1968 – 1982
BFA 1980, MFA 1984, M.ED 2010
Adjunct Professorships 1984-2008


The real meaning to be found in my art occurs between the work and the viewer and is a product of both of us.

I view my work as a viable and immediate form of communication for both my life’s inspirations and struggles.  Whatever confronts me; be it inspirational or challenging inspires my subject matter, although my emotionally expressive style remains consistent. The beauty and intriguing qualities of nature surrounding Northern Idaho is singularly inspirational and worthy of expression in and of itself. I have completed a large body of work to expressing both it’s glory and it’s indelible pride and ferocity as it stands against our interference with the global ecosystem.

Over the last two years my attention has shifted more toward the contemporary struggles of our society.  I feel compelled to produce works that conceive what I view as our suffering human condition. When compared to the surrounding nature of this north-western region, our species takes on a stark and complex character, which holds within it both the potential magnificence of who we are, as well as the alarming conflict we currently face amongst ourselves, our society, and with the ecosystem upon which we are dependent. I believe this subject of conscious and subconscious conflict has become highly relevant to our times in such a way that it can’t be set aside.  My figurative paintings, although stark in their honesty and portrayal of some of the most troubling aspects of our human condition are an effort to create commonality with current concerns.