Born August 27, 1958 NYC
Childhood Ontario Canada 1968 – 1982
BFA 1980, MFA 1984, M.ED 2010
Adjunct Professorships 1984-2008


Artist Statement: My work is about exploring the “being” of Earth as perceived through visual sensuality: in particular, the haunting, and illusive aspects of wild nature that cannot be captured by words or snap shots. The landscape of the Pacific Northwest captures my attention like none other. Its temperament highly affected by the weather and often appears to me as both impish and heroic all at once. Details seem to be shifting constantly, defined momentarily by the ever-changing atmospheric light and then fleeing to a place between memory and observable reality. Together the feral character of the land, the angled northern light and the constantly stirring skies, seem to cut every vantage point into highly distinctive and multiple points of view, laying both side by side and simultaneously intertwined.

My artistic vision speaks to my acute awareness of the effect of emotional context upon perceived reality. Painting is a daily process of embracing my inner subjectivity with that which is outwardly apparent. I prefer to use an expressionist approach as I find it relays my feelings and musings most clearly to myself and to others. My subject matter is often nature as I find within it an immediate fascination and awe. However, I create two types of imagery depending on the mood I awaken in on any given day. Until now I have shown only my landscapes to the public as they are generally compelling and if they represent a disquieting frame of mind it seems to go unnoticed. However, on my darkest days I find I must paint figuratively and pointedly toward human existence, a way to work through my personal and social angst. My medium of choice is oils on canvas and yet at times I feel compelled to add secondary media to a particular work or take on a completely different medium to fully express what I find compelling in my chosen subject. In all of my work, Landscape and Figurative, I find the use of light to be a central concern to animate and bring the dynamic qualities I am looking for within what I perceive as captured scenes or time frames. I wish to connect the viewer with an immediate, sensual lure, to ultimately absorb them into a visual conversation about our earthly existence.

Alison Léona Barrows-Young