Born August 27, 1958 NYC
Childhood Ontario Canada 1968 – 1982
BFA 1980, MFA 1984, M.ED 2010
Adjunct Professorships 1984-2008


Art Review

A major part of Barrows-Young’s process lies in the art of observation. “Painting is a daily process of connecting intimately with the natural world that surrounds me,” she says. She uses sketches and photographs to record visual effects; such as patterns caused by light and form, or a captivating viewpoint, then assembles those, along with her memory of the moment, into images that marry a precise sense of composition to a spontaneous sense of movement. In some of her paintings, groups of powerful lines create currents of motion that carry the viewer’s eye along, while in others the intricate juxtaposition of blocks of color brings stained glass to mind. Light is also central to the effect of a Barrows-Young composition. “The woods and all of its constantly varying aspects of self are the light’s playful partner,” she says, and her ability to convincingly record the ways in which light can animate a scene makes viewing each of her paintings a dynamic experience. Nature, as she views it, is a work in progress: a place where many points of view combine, but also in which an interior spirit is found. The strength of her work lies in how she makes us aware of those points of view, while also vividly revealing the “being” she seeks to represent. Angela Di Bello, NYC Curator