Recent Painting


The Deep Woods, Oil on Canvas, 60″x36″, 9/16

In August of 2015 I moved to a different kind of acreage in the Sandpoint area. It is more rugged and mountainous. As I hike the property I now see wider and fuller of the area from the side of a mountain, as well as the dense forest. This new way of looking at this beautiful world here in Northern Idaho has given me different view point in my paintings.

I also was able to visit the McMichael Collection of important Canadian Painters while I was at home in Ontario visiting my family. While I was at the collection I feasted on my favorite artists such as Emily Carr, Franklin Carmichael and Lawren Harris, however I was especially struck by some very large, contemporary, totem poles they had on exhibit that seemed so much more compositional, than I have noticed  in other I have seen.

I began to see the aspects of the landscapes that I was now painting to include valley, water, mountain and sky as relating to each other compositionally in a similar way to the totems I viewed. I began to make taller and more narrow canvases and I experimented with that idea.  The idea was to paint the landscape in three portions that related to each other and yet could also bee seen as individual scapes has become more and more intriguing to me. I feel their is a quality of ascension that I had noticed but had not gone after with such intent.  I also turned the canvas sideways and experimented looking at the varying aspects of the deeper forest when viewed over a widened horizon. I am now planing on making even taller and more narrow canvases to paint on in 2017.

Most of these were painted this year 2016 although I have included a few from the later part of 2015 that seem to speak in a similar manner. This is approximately an 15 month span of painting. They are shown here in no particular order. Click on any image to see a larger file of it.


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