Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media

All of the works included in this collection are available for purchase.  Please go to Collected Works, works that are owned and therefore no longer for sale, to see a more complete portfolio of my art.

Please contact me for prices of original works, commissions and Giclee prints through my email

Landscape, Exteriors & Interiors

Art allows me to make sense of my reactions to events. My work speaks directly to the role of emotions upon what is perceived as reality. I think that is what we do as human beings, look at what is outwardly apparent and expose it to subjectivity. I prefer to use an expressionist approach as I find it relays my feelings and musings most clearly to myself and to others. My subject matter is often nature as I find within it a consuming fascination and awe.

Click on an image to see a larger rendition. Also if you click on the first image you are then able to run through the entire collection in a self-prompted slide show by using the window changing arrows on either side of the image.



Through out my life I have returned time and again to figurative painting. Human nature and psychology fascinate me. I love to observe people, read biographical non-fiction and fictional stories. Philosophy and social anthropology, region, mythology and spirituality are the subjects that feed my imagination. Unlike my landscapes that focus on beauty and search for an earth untouched by human society or still beautiful and proud despite our recklessness my figurative vision has always sought the underbelly of our culture, alienation and darkness.



Mixed Media

In all of my work I find the use of light to be a central concern as it animates and brings drama to my compositions, which I perceive as captured scenes or time frames. I often use extremes of saturated color as I wish to connect to the viewer with an immediate, sensual lure to absorb them into my conversation about our earthly existence before they move on to something else.










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