Art Saves Humanity

I have a passion for living within diverse environments. As I have explored I have developed skills in art theory; color, perspective, photographic process, design and digital media to fill an often-available niche in fine art programs. New communities and the study of enduring visual principles have given me a constant source of dynamic material to explore in my work. I have witnessed many beautiful and extraordinary ecosystems, challenged by our unbridled sprawl. In our time these troubles are coming to a crisis point. I feel an urgency to inspire action.

I’d like my viewer to remember how much potential power we have within familial wisdom, gathered mythologies, altruistic philosophies, science and technology that can radically heal us as much as it can destroy us. Why have we not already turned the tide of planetary destruction? The time is running out, we must move forward. We must collect ourselves and restore what we can of our beautiful planet. Currently, I have chosen the themes of displaced peoples and access to clean water; its life-giving flow is sacrosanct and absolute to the well being of Earth and all of its progeny.

1. The Promise of Humanity – Carved Wood and Inks 22x16x8,  2020
2. Mother Wisdom – Carved Wood and Inks 20x16x8, 2020
3. Listening to the Wind – Carved Wood and Inks 20x16x8, 2020
4. Burying NYC’s Loneliest – Digital, 10/10 18×27 2020
5. Heroes – Digital, 10/10  22×30 2020
6. Night Passenger, Oils on canvas, 22×28  2019