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Born August 27, 1958 NYC
Childhood Ontario Canada 1968 – 1982
BFA 1980, MFA 1984, M.ED 2010
Adjunct Professorships 1984-2008
Shamanic Practitioner, Toltec Lineage, 1994-Present

I’m Alison Barrows-Young and also Léona Adoette, a name that was given to me by a tribe leader of the Lac Simon Algonquin’s of Canada in 1977. It means female protector of tall trees. At the time I was turning nineteen years of age; perhaps since then it has sculpted my path.

I began a classical study of art at the age of four. Its practice has been my calling and devotion for as long as I can remember; only faltering during bouts of clinical depression. I have come to believe that I require art. For me art is a compelling way of life, it promotes essential self-expression as well as inter-relational and intercultural connection. It is for me the most powerful way to articulate my quandaries as well as my discoveries, passions, and dreams.

Through the years my artistic voice has gathered into an alliance with my preference to live in the wilderness, to preserve nature and to advocate for the earth. I have practiced Toltec, Jaguar warriorship for a quarter of a century; I am devoted to self-awareness, living peacefully within our biosphere and to nurturing youthful persistence. I hold this path as a mother, grandmother and spiritual mentor for those who are borne to me through my body, my wanderings and upon the wind.

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