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Professional artist and art educator. Married. Quiet and respectful. I host two AirBnb sites in Sandpoint, Idaho, on my 22 acres of forested wilderness in North Sandpoint. It’s a great place to retreat for creativity and serenity with wildlife, trails and spectacular views. Downtown Sandpoint, Hope and Clark Fork as well as Schweitzer Ski Resort are within a short driving distance.
I am able to put together private and group art adventures, experiences, lessons and workshops in traditional art forms and creative awakening. Feel free to contact me through my listings to enquire about these offerings.

Calm wind and smooth sailing on all your travel adventures!

Sandpoint & Areas Nearby, Adventures, Culture and Food

Just in case you have the and desire to explore beyond our beautiful City Beach, I have put together some of my favorite things to do in the Sandpoint area and other local destinations.

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Downtown Sandpoint

The Farmer’s Market is definitely worthwhile. Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
It’s in downtown between Cedar and Oak and east of 5th Ave. http://sandpointfarmersmarket.com/

Pend Orielle Art Council, visit POAC and they will give you a walking tour of art displays around town as well as all that’s happening culturally.

The Panida Theatre Check out the Panida Cinema and theater venue on first street offers entertainment every night and most afternoons. Remarkable variety.

Groenk Estate.
In Hope, Idaho. The famed Artist Ed Kienholz, and much of his tableau art is on the Groenk Estate. The estates sculpture can best be seen by boating near by. The old entrance to the Groenke Estate also has an unusual edifice in the plexiglas encased full section of the Berlin Wall.

Sandpoint Magazine Article – http://www.sandpointonline.com/sandpointmag/smw12/groenke.html
You’re in luck! It’s for sale!

My Favorite Places to Eat

COVID-19 UPDATE – Due to the current global pandemic and in accordance with local regulations, eateries in this area are under restrictions and may not be open for dine-in services.

North Sandpoint

In the area closest to my property in North Sandpoint is the Pack River General Store – Alex is a Cordon Bleu Chef and a local who combines Idaho and San Francisco with flair. Cures his own meat. Breakfast great. Really all meals are fab. Also has basic groceries, wine and beer. (Very close to us in North Sandpoint.

Farmhouse Kitchen and Silo Bar – Super great twists on old favorites and more. Smoke meat is apparently heaven. I love their Vegan offerings too. They have pool tables.


Thai Nigiri – Japanese and Thai, (Sushi and Curry are both amazing and they do great Vegetarian food as well.

Beet & Basil – Vegan, Vegetarian and Carnivore, amazing Fusion food, locally sources, incredible presentation and not too expensive.

Baxters on Cedar – Yummy foods of all kind from exotic to comfort. Amazing wine list. Local sources for everything.

Joels – Mexican fusion, not fancy dining but amazing food

Panhandle Cone and Coffee, incredible home made ice cream.

The 5th Street Grill has Karaoke night and pool tables.

Eichardts has great local music and American food.

Arlo’s for fabulous Italian.

The Fat Pig, unusual gourmet dining

Good Hamburger Spots

  1. The Burger Dock best real burgers with amazing variety, fries, shakes, vegetarian and gluten free options, and sodas, beer, wine
  2. McDuff’s Restaurant – Brewery with large beer and food menu.
  3. Dubs, local greasy spoon, old style beach town burger joint.

Dining With Entertainment

The Hive is a party and dance place that people say really rocks.

Trinity over at City Beach is pretty good and has a beautiful view of the lake. I like the bar there in particular.

Apparently you can dance at the A&P Grill, very local sort of place.

Pend D’Oreille Winery – gourmet munchies, art and music

Mc Duffs Brewery, bring your own food, drink beer, shoot pool, live music

Friday night concerts at the Old Icehouse Pizzeria – In Hope, they have cool concerts on hot summer nights.

Daytime Fare

There are amazing pop up foods stands near Farmin Park,

City Beach Organics vege/ vegan/ smoothies

Winter Ridge – Organic take out eat in and groceries

La Luna – awesome breakfast

The Hoot Owl Diner breakfast all day long, large menu, local yokel scene.

Travel Advisor List Travel Advisor List


There are many cafe’s

Monarch Mountain Coffee, is my fave but I also enjoy Evans Bros

Monarch is quiet and laid back

Evans Bros is a hopping hang out and be seen social spot.

Local News & Activities

The Daily Bee
The Daily Bee


The Sandpoint Reader
(my go to) The Sandpoint Reader

Visitor Websites

The You can learn a wealth of information about North Idaho by visiting:

Sandpoint, Idaho: http://sandpointid.net, also https://downtownsandpoint.com/

Hope, Idaho: http://hopeidaho.net

Clark Fork, Idaho: http://clarkforkidaho.net


Sandpoint: https://www.bonnercountyhistory.org/
Also https://m.facebook.com/notes/sandpoint-idaho-americas-most-beautiful-small-town/history-of-sandpoint-north-idaho-bonner-county

Clark Fork: http://clarkforkidaho.net/Hope-Clark_Fork_history.htm

Outdoor Activities

Hiking & Biking: http://www.sandpointid.net/Biking-N.Idaho.html, and http://www.selkirkloop.org/

Lake Activities


Lake Pend Oreille Cruises: http://www.lakependoreillecruises.com/

Waterfalls http://www.sandpointid.net/N.Idaho-Waterfalls.htm

The Great Outdoors

Sam Owen National park: http://www.fs.fed.us/ipnf/rec/yourplace/cgguide/21.html,

Scotsman Peak

The Cabinet Gorge: https://placeandsee.com/cabinet-gorge-dam
Also: http://www.diamondtranch.com/
Also: https://idfg.idaho.gov/visit/hatchery/cabinet-gorge

Want to ski or summer adventure at the Inland Northwest’s best ski resort?

Fishing Resource: http://www.sandpointid.net/fishing.html
Also: https://idfg.idaho.gov/visit/hatchery/cabinet-gorge

Hunting Resource: http://www.sandpointid.net/North_Idaho_Hunting.html

Day Adventures

Stone slides are near Priest Lake. They are exactly what they sound like :). Getting there: Follow Highway 57 towards Coolin and the Lionhead Campground. Rather than turning left into Lionhead, turn right onto a gravel road and follow it for five miles or so of rough, high-clearance terrain. Park at the rocky trailhead and hike the remaining 1 1/2 miles to the slides, or branch off to find your own “private Idaho” in a waterfall-fed swimming hole. The initial trail there is clearly marked, and is at a low incline.

Grouse Creek nearby which has a beautiful multi waterfall. You just take a right from Thimbleberry onto Colburn Culver until you see the signs for it. It’s a right turn and then keep following the signs. You hike in and at the end the creek and Falls make a wonderful sight as well as a great place to wade or take a dip. Make sure you do not go to any canyon like wilderness water areas before dawn or stay after dusk. Give yourself enough time to trek out before dusk. This is very near to us.

Scotsman Peak, The Scotsman Peak trail is a magnificent hike. Gradual switchbacks lead you up 3600 ft – take your time, and bring 1.5-2 L water. Also bring a windbreaker – gusts galore at the top! I have hiked up and ran down – both are very doable. There are goats whichare amazing, the views are amazing too, and the trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Definitely a strenuous affair, but worthwhile. That’s near Clark Fork. http://www.scotchmanpeaks.org/

The Green Monarchs, Hike the Green Monarchs – This wavy ridgeline hike offers a healthy hike with awe-inspiring views down an almost vertical cliff 3,000 feet above dramatic Lake Pend Oreille. Sailboats, islands, and speed boats appear the size of ants in the distant tableau. The town of Hope is a mere dot in the distance surrounded by the peaks of the Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains. A great hike to see wildlife and lake views

Sam Owen State Park, Sam Owen State Park, Wildlife Refuge – Beaches, camping and Beyond Hope, Restaurant

Idaho Golf Club, Idaho Club Golf Community – This was Hidden Lake Golf Course and community, then a few years ago Jack Nicklaus bought it, and the course should be open in 2009. Nice digs if you can afford them. Can’t wait to check out the new course. Visit http://www.theidahoclub.com/

Clark Fork & Hope

In Clark Fork there is the Clark Fork Pantry. It is an amazing grocery store run by Mennonites that’s must see for their home grown bulk foods if nothing else and they make sandwiches to die for.

There is also the Mercantile in Hope which is wonderful too. It was a cute cafe that serves barista drinks, yummy food and treats.

In the Summer check out Hope’s Chop Hose Restaurant and the Floating Restaurant.

Real Estate

If you’re looking for the best realtor in town I recommend Kristina Kingsland for making dreams come true. Great listener, upbeat, creative. http://kristinakingsland.com/contact-me/

Or for investment property, Rich or Karen. They know the inside scoop on Sandpoint’s developers and future plans and are really nice people too.

Covid Information For Travelers: https://www.tripadvisor.com/COVID-2019

Here is a great local list of sites and their histories, compiled by BY GARY LIRETTE
March 17, 2009. https://activerain.com/blogsview/988357/things-to-do-in-clark-fork-and-hope–idaho Highlights pasted below.

Learn about all of North Idaho’s Water Ways

Clark Fork River – The Clark Fork is a river that flows through Montana and Idaho, running roughly 360. It is the largest river by volume in Montana, draining an extensive region of the Rockies in western Montana and northern Idaho in the watershed of the Columbia River. The Clark Fork flows northwest through a long mountain valley, finally emptying into Lake Pend Oreille in north Idaho. The Pend Oreille River, which drains Lake Pend Oreille into the Columbia River, is sometimes included as part of the Clark Fork. This gives the total of the two rivers a total length of 479 miles, with a drainage of 25,820 square miles. The upper tributary of the Clark Fork in Montana near Butte is called the Silver Bow Creek. I-90 follows much of the Clark Fork’s upper course from Butte to northwest of Missoula.

The Clark Fork Yellowstone River in southern Montana and parts of Wyoming is also called the Clarks Fork, but the two rivers are distinct and separate watercourses, and should not be confused with one and other.

As the Clark Fork rises as Silver Bow Creek in southwestern Montana from the confluence of Basin and Blacktail creeks, its beginnings are less than five miles from the continental divide near Butte. It flows northwest and north through a mountain valley, then passes east of Anaconda. Here the name changes to Clark Fork. The river then progresses in a general northwest direction toward Deer Lodge and across western Montana, passing south of the Garnet Mountain Range toward Missoula. Five miles east of Missoula the Blackfoot River adds to the flow.

The river continues through an extended valley along the northeast parts of the Bitterroot Range, through the Lolo National Forest, Northwest of Missoula. Here the Bitterroot River meets the Clark Fork, then about five miles west of downtown Missoula the Flathead joins the Clark Fork. The Thompson River joins the flow near Thompson Falls in Sanders County.

At the north end of the Bitterroots near Noxon, Montana near the Idaho border, the river is hindered by the Noxon Rapids Dam forming a boatable, twenty-mile-long reservoir. From there it crosses the Montana-Idaho state line into western Bonner County. Five more miles has the river discharging into the eastern end of Lake Pend Oreille, near the town of Clark Fork.

Learn about all of North Idaho’s Rivers

Fishing – In a region of many, many rivers and lakes, sports fishing is a natural. On Lake Pend Oreille, once fish were so plentiful that a commercial fishing fleet once brought in tons of fish every day. The size of the trophy catches back in the day were legendary. However, with the introduction by the federal government of tiny shrimp to northern lakes some fifty years ago, the populations declined. Originally intended to increase fish populations, the experiment has the opposite effect. That, coupled with the introduction of non-native species nearly wiped out some of the types of fish in our lakes and rivers. The fish hatcheries closed, and things looked dim for fishing in our area. Conservation and proper management has helped our fish populations grow in recent years, and sports fishing has made a substantial comeback, though the numbers that supported dozens and even hundreds of commercial fishermen will probably not be seen in our lifetimes. Still, big Kamloops and trout can be hooked and cooked.

Hunting Info – While the state of Idaho has more wilderness acreage than any other state, the Idaho Panhandle has more game, and better hunting than any other region of Idaho. With so many acres in the wild, no other state in the lower 48 has as much big game hunting variety and quality as Idaho. Idaho is sparsely populated with huge areas of forests, canyons, and mountain wildernesses. Idaho seasons generally run from 20-65 days. Hunter congestion remains rare. An amazing amount of land remains in the hands of the federal and state governments: 21,621,000 acres of the state’s total acreage remains forested. The Federal Government holds 65.2% of all land, with estimates of 78 percent of all of Idaho belonging either to state or federal forests, etc.

Hunting around the mountains and waterways near Hope and Clark Fork are exceptional, and there are many guides that make their living trekking the trails. There are several entrances to the vast National Forests, and it is said there is more game in this area than any other place in the United States with the exception of Alaska.

Watch the Trains – One place to do this, as well as watching the moose, elk, and deer cross the expanse, is at the mouth of the Pack River, on the way to Hope from Sandpoint where the train trestles cross. Killer views, and tres romantic on moonlit nights.

Montana Rockies Rail Tours operates the Montana Daylight, a tour train on MRL, between Sandpoint, ID and Livingston, MT. This a excursion/tour train that operates in the summer on MRL. It operates 3 levels of service utilizing coaches, domes and deluxe cars. Train includes a night in Gardiner with the Montana Blues Chuck Wagon Dinner Theater and a tour of the restored Livingston Depot Museum. 2660 West Ontario, Sandpoint, ID 83864, Phone: (800) 519-7245, Email: mtrail@netw.com This is a great way to see from the rails the lake and region.

Lakeside Park at the Old Litehouse Restaurant – Not far after the city of Hope and the Hope Peninsula on Lake Pend Oreille there is an octagonal building that once was the Litehouse Restaurant. This is where the famous Litehouse Salad dressings began. Now it is a manicured lawn park with fantastic views of the lake.

The National Forest – Entrance at Trestle Creek for great hiking and hunting.

Denton Slough – There are two things that make a trip out to Denton Slough, on the southern side of the Hope Peninsula, Denton Slough Waterfowl Area is an elongated shallow slough, forming a bay near the Clark Fork River. This area is a favorite for migrating waterfowl, and is visited each fall by Tundra Swans and each spring by a nesting colony of Western Grebes. This inlet provides habitat to waterfowl, songbirds, and spiny ray fish. The second thing that makes a trip out to this area is just a bit farther down the road. There is the driftwood collection area for Lake Pend Oreille, and outstanding pieces of driftwood can be found any time of year. Many artists get pieces there for works that sell for up to hundreds of dollars, but you can get yours for free.

Diamond T Ranch – The Cabinet Gorge is astonishing, and the beautiful valley floor is surrounded by medieval forest covered mountains and pristine snow capped peaks. Here, just a few hundred yards through a wildlife refuge from the spectacular Clark Fork of the Columbia River is the Diamond T Ranch. Offering hiking and biking in woods, pastures, near lakes, rivers, and ponds, wildlife abounds. The ranch offers prime hunting and fishing, horseback riding, and a return to the natural life that North Idaho has become so renowned for. To learn more, go to http://www.diamondtranch.com

Scotchman Peak
There are three famous mountain peaks in our area: Schweitzer Mountain where we have a world-famous ski resort, the Roman Nose with its two strikingly beautiful Alpine lakes near Naples, Idaho, and the Scotchman Peaks which are famous for the fantastic views of Lake Pend Oreille and the Clark Fork River, plus incredibly friendly long white haired mountain goats. The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness describes them on their website: Looming above Lake Pend Oreille and the Clark Fork River in the Cabinet Mountains, Scotchman Peak is the highest point in Bonner County, Idaho, at 7009 feet. Straddling the Idaho/Montana border, the Scotchman Peaks offer a place of quite refuge. Nearby are the communities of Troy, Noxon and Heron, Montana, as well as Clark Fork, Hope and Sandpoint, Idaho. To learn more about preserving and hiking the Scotchman Peaks, visit http://www.scotchmanpeaks.org

Cabinet Gorge Fish Hatchery – Constructed in 1985, this hatchery is operated by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and was designed to raise up to 16 million Kokanee salmon annually. The decline in fish populations in Lake Pend Oreille was dramatic after the introduction of tiny krill, originally intended to help with fish populations. The government experiment had the opposite effect, and the fish hatchery was instituted to help reverse that decline. The day this was written a school class of third graders was visiting, learning all about the lake and its species. The hatchery also raises westslope cutthroat trout, fall chinook salmon and rainbow trout. All of the Kokanee fry are released into Lake Pend Oreille each June. The hatchery is empty of fish from July to October for maintenance. Daily tours are available and open from 8am – 4pm with free admission.

Cabinet Gorge Dam – The Cabinet Gorge Dam is located outside of Clark Fork, Idaho on the Pend Oreille Scenic Byway, about fifteen minutes down Highway 200 near the Idaho-Montana border. While the dam itself is beautiful, the surroundings are breathtaking. The hike down to the water is worth it, and the entire area around the gorge deserves to be explored.

Our Place

There is a family feel overall to our property, but we are quiet, personal space respecting people. No light and noise pollution and nothing but wilderness beyond us for acres, will make your stay peaceful and your sleep restful.

Our Family Members

Artistic Heritage Suite

Artistic Heritage Suite

Large private suite, light filled, opaque curtains for added night-time privacy, furnished with antiques and art. Large, ceiling to floor, front windows with beautiful views of Mt. Schweitzer that opens onto a wrap round sitting porch with water feature, summer kitchen, comfortable lounging, ping-pong table and darts. Luxurious oversized bathroom, double sinks, large mirrors, bidet toilet, romantic clawed soaking tub and shower. Exceptional AirPipe internet and cellular connection. The suite is attached to the back of our home but all enclosed with a large bathroom, comfortable private sitting area, table, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, hot plate, dishes and utensils, etc . Wildlife Sanctuary. 12 mins to Sandpoint, 12 mins to Clark Fork.

Artistic Glamping

Artistic Glamping

This get away is a few hundred feet from our private home on 22 acres of forested land . It sits in a small meadow. Parking will be allotted; do not park in meadow. Our family members are busy with our daily lives and come and go, although there is almost always someone here who can be helpful when you are in need. Use of large, comfortable family style sitting porch with stunning views at main house, built in gas grille and other amenities. Using of laundry facilities available by appointment. Wildlife Sanctuary. 12 mins to town.

Service C

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My favorite AirBnb ever. I have been traveling for a while now and Alison is the most perfect mix of cool artsy friend and maternal energy that I have been needing so much. Her and her husband and son are all such great and kind people, with the best pets too. The mountain top property is gorgeous and relaxing and makes you want to just slow down and relax. So, so wonderful.

Anna, Richmond Virginia

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