Classically there are an array of views within landscape that offer visual texture, intrigue and intimacy. I find all aspects from knoll to valley, to water, terrain and depths of sky are captivating when broken into uniquely intimate settings and yet when viewed as a whole they are imposing and awe inspiring. In studying this visual effect on my daily sojourns into nature I have come to believe that this particular vantage point speaks most vividly to our times and the global urgency to sustain our environment.

In searching for a way to express this sense of standing before and on the precipice of the magnificent, I have begun to work on taller, narrower, canvases. I find that this unusual format forces me to consider and depict landscape as levels of stratum that relate to each other, complete unto themselves, and yet ultimately as unified. It reveals a metaphor for our times in there is a quality of ascension, a spiritual vein, that is captured in the totality when each earthly entity is regarded at once separately and yet seamed together in a totemic tower, held firmly through integration rather than gradation. This is also the case when the slender format is turned sideways, revealing distinctly independent outlooks fused into a single moment, side by side, over a widened horizon.

The works displayed below were painted over the last 3 years. They represent only a few of the paintings I have completed, however I feel they are representative of the complete body. They are shown here in no particular order. Click on any image to see a larger file of it.

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