These work represent painting from the last five years that have been “Privately collected”. They are no longer available for sale, however, I am willing to take commissions in the vein of any of these works and I also offer Giclee prints of all of my work. Please contact me for prices of original works, commissions and Giclee prints through my email

Landscape Painting

I have always been especially inspired by nature and the various aspects of earth’s terrain and weather conditions. These days I’m especially concerned about the world’s ecosystems and as a result many of my paintings have taken the tone of nature under duress. When a particular paintings has this under lying theme it may or may not be instantly obvious, because our natural planetary home is always beautiful even as it stands against our species destruction. I am wishing to bring awareness around what I am observing while still representing it’s dignity and poise.

Click on an image to see a larger rendition. Also if you click on the first image you are then able to run through the entire collection in a self-prompted slide show by using the window changing arrows on either side of the image.

Hoping For Rain

Hoping For Rain, Oil on canvas – 48/36 – 2016 “Privately collected”



Autumn Tamaracks, Oil on canvas -48/36 – 2013 “Privately collected”



Figurative Painting

Exteriors and Interiors


Watercolors and works on paper.


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