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The most compelling aspect of my life currently is simply the experience of being an American and living in the US. I feel angry and disoriented by our government and our election of such an absurd and dangerous man to our presidency. I assure you that I did not vote for him or for a return to nationalism. I believe in the power of a united global society and empathy and care for those who are less fortunate. I voted for Hillary Clinton, she has been an inspiration to me from a very young age as a feminist activist and role model.

The entitlement and raw open hate we are experiencing here within our own population is terrifying. I am in an  interracial marriage  to a black man of mixed Native American heritage and our one mixed race son, who is 18, has Autism, (this NY Times Magazine Article includes a story about us). My father, Dr Howard S. Barrows spent his life promoting positive social change in medical education. My first husband came out in the mid 1990’s as a gay man. My eldest daughter is transgender and my two middle adult children are artists, highly unusual people and challenged both by environmental and social toxicity. They are at a loss as to what to do with the idealism they believe in and the declining values and ethics of the world they find themselves in. The backward march of our society to the dissolution of social progress is alarming to them and their contemporaries.

Due to all of these factors my recent work has become darker in color and content.  I have turned to archetypal symbolism and figurative images. Even my representation of landscapes, although expressing natures magnificent and resilient beauty are pointed toward our challenges to choose the dignity of nature over our collective selfishness as a species.

Recently Finished Painting, “Confessional”, Oils on canvas, 72″x 36″, March 18/2018




Interview Art Productions NYC  In this interview I explain how my environmental concerns affects some of my most contemporary landscape paintings.



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